About Us

We must be really cool if we have an 'about' section.

A Community For You.

The Lounge was founded in 2019 by Executive Directors Nick and Johann as a place for their college friends to get together and play Minecraft.

The server started simply on vanilla Minecraft 1.14.1 with a single SMP world. With about 10 players at its peak, The Lounge was an escape from the rigor of academia.

Later that year, The Lounge Minecraft Server was publicized to the Fire Alarm Technicians and Collectors Discord server and many people began to enjoy a new SMP experience.

In January of 2020, two new creative worlds were added to the server with the addition of Multiverse. This allowed for expanded creativity from any player.

Since then, The Lounge has grown to have its own domain and website with professional hosting by our Developer, Joseph.

We welcome young adults into our community and give them a place to sit down and relax.